Mayweather vs McGregor – A Shameless Battle of Egos 

Am I the only one that shakes my head and grunts in dismissal every time there’s a mention of the so called Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight? For all of his talent Mayweather has an ego the size of Jupiter and craves attention in the same way that a teenager does with their first boyfriend or girlfriend. As much as McGregor acts as though he has no respect for Mayweather and wants to “break his face”, the truth is he absolutely idolises him. He is intelligent and witty in front of a microphone but there’s a clear similarity in persona with ‘Money’ Mayweather. He’s used a confident, cocky and braggadocios persona that has riled opponents and divided fans. He talks about how rich he is and his superiority over his opponents. Does this all sound familiar? It should do because this schtick has been done before. Is there anyone that believes this fight would be intriguing in any way?

My belief is that these guys have no intention of fighting each other, they want to use each others names to keep themselves on the tip of the tongue’s of many fans and media that are happy enough to be taken for a ride on the ‘idiot train.’ However, for the sake of being hypothetical if this fight would happen, the pre-fight promotion would be more explosive and entertaining than the fight itself. Floyd Mayweather would school McGregor because boxing is his speciality. McGregor is a great MMA fighter and can definitely box a little but only at the level of an MMA fighter, he has not fought or beaten any professional level boxer and should first have to prove himself against much lower opposition before taking on a rubix cube styled challenge in Floyd Mayweather. It would do great damage to both sports. McGregor would be made to look amateurish in the ring against such a skilled opponent which would diminish his and the UFC’s reputation. Floyd would tarnish his own legacy and disgrace the sport by celebrating surpassing Rocky Marciano’s record of 49-0 against a man that will have an 0-1 boxing record at the conclusion of the fight. On top of that can you imagine all the obnoxious Floyd minions doing victory dances, whilst wearing #50-0 and #TBE snapbacks in recognition of their idol? Goodness me it would be unbearable.

Even before we get to the fight, how the hell is McGregor going to make Welterweight because being a Welterweight boxer means making 147lbs whereas making Welterweight in MMA means weighing up to 155lbs. Now hang on a second, didn’t Conor vacate his Featherweight title because he could no longer make the 145lb limit? If Floyd was to fight him, he definitely would not do it at a weight higher than 147lbs knowing it would be to McGregor’s advantage. Floyd is too shrewd, stubborn and smart to do that and he would probably be quite satisfied looking at a weight drained skeletal Conor McGregor at the weigh in.

Now if it was all for the sporting challenge, perhaps McGregor should pick on someone his own size and fight Canelo or GGG? Oh yeah but he wouldn’t do that because it’s just not as lucrative to fight guys his own size that would decapitate him and plant his head on a stick and place it on their front lawn as a warning to the next MMA fighter that wants to challenge a professional boxer.

Back to reality, these two are genuine greats of their respective sports but in order to respect both themselves and their sports, they need to stay within their sports. I enjoyed watching Mayweather, he was a masterful technician, that created a polarising persona and became very wealthy, but his day has passed. He needs to enjoy retirement and continue doing a good job at developing and promoting a new generation of boxers so that they can grow the sport. I also respect what McGregor is doing in UFC, raising his own and UFC’s profile whilst fearlessly challenging himself against competitors at higher weight divisions but we all need to settle down and see this for what it is; a battle of inflated egos out of the ring with no real intention to test themselves inside the ring.


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