2016 The Year of the Significant Fight 

Boxing fans sound fed up with the sport in 2016 but despite so many meaningful fights made, so called hardcore fans are still whining about the hyped up super fights that haven’t been made. 

Canelo vs GGG and Joshua vs Klitschko have been fights that the so called hardcore fans are pining for but these fans should be recognising the significance of the match ups and quality of the bouts that have already taken place. Frampton vs Quigg, Frampton vs Santa Cruz, Salido vs Vargas, Thurman vs Porter, Crolla vs Linares, Gonzalez vs Cuadras and Crawford vs Postol. Most of these fights were even and entertaining match ups with equal measures of skill and will on display. 

Boxing is continuing to deliver quality match ups with Frampton vs Santa Cruz 2, Ward vs Kovalev, Lomachenko vs Walters and the recent announcement of Jack vs Degale. None of these fighters have truly crossed over into the mainstream but the questions to be asked are; is it wrong for supposed hardcore fans to be reliant on media and promotional hype of a fight to become excited by it? Should promoters and fighters need to do more to increase their overall appeal and profile in order to connect with their audience and celebritise (not sure if that’s even a word but I’m sure you know what I mean) themselves so that their big fights get the respect and attention that they deserve? Boxing journalists are amongst the most passionate and knowledgable. But are they partially responsible with their articles of doom and gloom whilst not doing enough to spread the word on their far reaching platforms about the entertaining and significant bouts that have taken place and are to take place in tthe coming months?

The argument for UFC is that the best fight the best but they also promote mediocre fights and fighters exceptionally well. Should boxing do the same in order to not only appease the current fan base but also to increase it? 

2015 was special for some with ‘super fights’ such as Mayweather vs Pacquiao and Canelo vs Cotto were made but they were as explosive and exciting as a damp firework. While casual fans may need to have an interesting narrative to a fight presented to them through a hyped promotion, true fans need to open their eyes and be grateful for boxing in 2016 for providing some serious thrills, spills and significance regardless of the lack of glamour, hype and promotion that the fighters and fights were given. 


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