We Want GGG vs Canelo! When Do We Want it? Hmmmmm!?!?!? – Part 1

The fighters involved in the biggest promotions and best fights always had two things in common. They were brilliant at their craft and their profile and fame crossed over into the mainstream. What would transpire is promotional gold to whip fans and media into a frenzy before the fight. Followed by an explosion in the ring that not even the most spectacular fireworks show could compare to.

Golovkin fans are hungry for more blood and guts and only to be satisfied by the biggest feast available; Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. They are no longer appeased with watching Golovkin dominate decent but often unheralded contenders with ease. Often prolonging their beating so to give the fans a ‘Big Drama Show’ like a cat toying with a mouse, giving it the sense that it might get away before being hurled in the air, torn apart and devoured. Golovkin fans want it and they want it now. Fans are turning on Canelo and accusing him of ducking Golovkin, they view his abdication of the WBC belt as an act of cowardice and evidence of his GGG avoidance.

Golovkin fans probably have a reason to feel anxious. They want their man to be recognised as THE man in the division whilst he’s still a smiling assassin in peak condition. But at the age of 34 they worry that the undefeated opponent that is Father Time may beat him before Canelo does. The problem is that whilst GGG has hard-core fans and boxing experts enjoying the drama show and are firmly strapped on board of his bandwagon, many casual fans and mainstream media are still missing out which means if Canelo and Golovkin were to fight, nobody other than boxing enthusiasts would view it as a sporting spectacle. GGG still needs to enhance his standing amongst the general public and the fight against David Lemieux last year shown on PPV garnered a modest 150,000 buys despite tickets at Madison Square Garden for selling out in record fashion.

Many have shook their heads in disbelief and disappointment when Golovkin signed to fight Kell Brook. However, comparisons can be drawn with Golovkin’s choice of opponent and Marvellous Marvin Hagler’s decision to fight Roberto Duran. Hagler was also a fighter with destructive ability but struggling to gain crossover appeal and recognition. He yearned for an opportunity to fight against the marquee name of Thomas Hearns so that he could prove what many already believed; that he was undisputed champion of the Middleweight division. He was criticised for fighting the smaller and past his peak Duran with many believing that it would be a gross mismatch. Hagler did win the fight but the true victory was in the exposure it gave him to the public against a legend and paved the way for increased public intrigue in a showdown against Thomas Hearns.

This is the same reason for Golovkin fighting Kell Brook in the London. British boxing is booming. The fans are passionate and the atmosphere is raucous on big boxing nights. This is the night if not the fight that Golovkin craves. A masterful performance against Brook would garner respect and fandom from knowledgable British boxing fans and the backing of a powerful British media catapulting him into the imagination of the general public who would clamour for a super fight against the another great fighter that they have already heard of. Canelo Alvarez.



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